Performance n°36 Erosie

"Jeroen Heeman, also known as Erosie, is a graduate with honours from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam who currently lives and works in Eindhoven. He started his artistic career as an editorial illustrator with a background in hand lettering, calligraphy and graffiti. Over the years he gradually developed a more abstract visual language as a prolific artist while still maintaining his trademark craftsmanship and conceptual approach.

The bright and playful pieces reveal a little of Heeman’s background through his use of spray-paint and latex, shapes loosely based on letters and techniques going back to his days as an illustrator. At the same time they form a discontinuation, both conceptually and visually. Heeman is always questioning his practice in order to re-invent himself and to expand his visual language. This tension between alienation and attachment is the means and the end of his creative process."