Performance n°31 Lush

Lush Sux
"If you don't know Lush, now you do! Love him or hate him.
Regardless his self-proclaimed suckiness, Lush, relatively new on the graffiti scene, is doing pretty well for himself. With his sardonic worldview reflected in his art, this Melbourne native's crass yet strangely endearing and oh-so-amusing graffiti is revitalizing the scene in a big way. 
For subject matter, Lush prefers the shocking – nudity (cartoon or real life), cussing, bodily excretions and a penchant for the cult are all main themes that run through his body of work. And, while I’m 100% sure that this guy is absolutely insane, his I-don’t-give-shit attitude recalls the original sentiments of the earliest graffiti writers. The only difference now is that what once was shocking is now mainstream. Graffiti is becoming, if it is not already, an accepted art form. Simply writing on a wall doesn’t shock anyone anymore. Unless you’re reading Lush." Anna Parker